Thursday, July 21, 2011

Search "women in handcuffs and high heels"

I think I'm a little disturbed right now. I decided to look at my blog stats and came across a section that shows you where your traffic is coming from and what people are searching when they find your page. Hrm...

"women in handcuffs and high heels"

Yeah, that had a disturbingly high search hits. I mean, I guess I'm not surprised, but I am wondering exactly what they thought they were going to get when they found my blog. When I did the search, I found several books titles that sound like self help books. Scroll down a little farther, and find handcuff porn and "gagged women list". OK, so there's a whole list of gagged women. Wow! I'm scared to click on this link, so for now I'm just going to speculate that maybe this is a place you can put yourself on a list for whatever reason. Or maybe this is a list of women who like to be gagged? I hope there aren't pictures. I am curious, but I like my laptop and don't want some funky virus to invade.

One site brought back a memory of this freak I went out on one date with. "Hose, heels and handcuffs- a great combination". Yeah, if that doesn't scare you this story will. This guy, and honestly I can't even remember his name, tells me five minutes into the date that he has a fetish that involves panty hose and high heels. I'm not going to continue with that story because you all can use your imagination. I'm sure everything you come up with is correct. Needless to say, I excused myself to the nearest restroom and snuck out the kitchen door.

I scroll a little farther and find this- Handcuffs- Profile. And here's the description...

Enjoy submissive mature women who enjoys light bondage in girdle, panties, heels, bra and nylons eventually gagged and tied wearing girdle or nude.

Submissive mature women? Yet another link I'm scared to click on. Mature is code word for old. So my imagination takes me to a place where grandma is shuffling her walker around in high heels and handcuffs wearing her girdle. Talk about gagging! Yeah, please stop! This is just getting bad. Right below this site is a site dedicated to pregnant and handcuffed. OFMG! Really?

But it's kind of like a train wreck. I kind of want to see how far I have to go down this list to find my blog. I'm already on page 4.

Page 5- Women in handcuffs and diapers...this is getting worse. Why am I being found in this search? Every so often Leann Rimes pops up too, so I'm not feeling so bad.

Page 7- Wife ties me and forces to wear high heels... Enough said. Do I really need to comment on that one? I think my husband would have a fit if I handcuffed him and tried to put one of my stilettos on his big foot. Actually, I wouldn't even think on doing that. He'd stretch my shoe. And if you know me, you know I love my shoes.

I click several pages ahead and it all turns pornographic. I don't know what page this person found me on, but it definitely wasn't anywhere near the front. So this tells me that person was either dedicated to finding just the right page to feed 'his' fetish or he had way too much time to spend on the internet.

Any suggestions on the next search?

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